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Replacement Asus BN-LS11E Laptop Battery

Asus BN-LS11E Laptop Battery
Item ID: XLNAA1059
Capacity: 2000mAh
Volt: 11.1V 
Type: Li-ion
Color: Black
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty 
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Asus BN-LS11E battery description

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Asus BN-LS11E battery Fit Parts Number:


  • Asus BN-LS11E Battery

Asus BN-LS11E battery Fit Notebook Models:




  • Asus S200 series
  • Asus S200N series

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1.Our Asus BN-LS11E battery use A-Grade Cells, such as Sanyo, Samsung, BAK, etc., with a variety of perfect production and testing equipments, strict quality control and mature process, all are self-completed from R & D to products leave the factory, 7 years manufacturing experience make more quality assurance.

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Can our Asus BN-LS11E battery using time achieve the time?

(1) Laptop battery (Li-ion) life is generally 300-500 complete charge and discharge times, the use of time is 1.5 to 2 years, as long as the use of A- Grade Cells, high-quality protection board, mature production technology and process, are able to achieve this normal time.

(2) Our Asus battery BN-LS11E use the A-Grade Cells, high-quality protect boards were produced by our own equipments, 7 years of experience in laptop battery production to ensure product stability, performance, safety use, our laptop batteries each indicators in line with quality, so the use time could meet Asus BN-LS11E battery.

Tips and Advice

  • [1].Defrag your computer regularly. This will allow your hard drive to not work as hard which won't drain your Asus BN-LS11E battery more.
  • [2].Lower the brightnest of your screen. The brighter your screen, the more power being used.
  • [3].Try to keep the amount of programs to a minimum. Every program open helps drain the battery a little bit more.
  • [4].Cut down on external devices, such as USB devices, like a mouse. Also WiFi will drain your Asus BN-LS11E batteryso turn it off when you aren't using it to save power.
  • [5].Clean the Asus BN-LS11E Battery contacts. Every 6 months are so you should take out your battery and clean the contacts that connect to the laptop. You can use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to achieve this.
  • [6].If you ever put your computer on standy, you should try to switch to hibernate, as hibernate fully shuts down your computer, but it allows you to quickly resume your work when you turn it back on.
  • [7].Go to “Power Options” on your laptop and change it's setting to Max Battery, Super Energy Saver, or one of the other many different forms of it. But it all means the same thing, switch to the setting that is set for saving the most amount of energy.

Soft Reminder

While most laptop batteries today are Lithium Ion batteries, that does not mean all, as there are NiCad/Nickel Cadmium and NiMAH/Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, both having the memory effect. You will usually find these batteries in older laptops, low budget laptops, or small corporation laptops. So for these battery types, as they have the memory effect, you should allow the battery to completely die before charging it, as this will prolong the overall battery lifespan.